2D van der Waals heterostructures: state-of-the-art & perspectives 

Prof Zheng Vitto Han (Institute of Opto-Electronics of Shanxi University; visiting scholar at CNRS, Grenoble)

This course provides an overview of recent research activities related to 2D van der Waals (vdW) materials and heterostructures based on them, encompassing the fabrication of films/flakes, stacking (with potential for ordering and twisting angle) of vertical heterostructures, exploration of their electrical, optical, and magnetic properties, and demonstrations of prospective quantum devices. A brief introduction to future applications of vdW materials will be delivered in the concluding segment of the course. 

Course will be presented in frames of Summer School 2024.


1. Review of mesoscopic physics in vdW systems

1.1. vdW materials as a versatile platform for nanoelectronics

1.2. Quantum Hall insulators beyond the quantum wells

1.3. The emerging 2D long range orderings

2. Synthesis and Fabrication of vdW thin films

2.1. Exfoliation of vdW crystals

2.2. Large scale growth of 2D functional thin films

2.3. Dry transfer methods for vertically stacked vdW hybrids

2.4. Automatons for high yield vdW vertical heterostructures

3. Nanoelectronic devices and their emergent quantum properties

3.1. Room temperature electrical properties

3.3. Optical properties in vdW heterostructures

3.2. Twistronics and their topological properties

3.4. Quantum simulators made of vdW heterosystems

4. Brief intro to future applications of vdW materials

4.1. The flat semiconductors instead of Si

4.2. Physical, chemical, and biological applications