(old version, new one is in preparation)

Quantum condensed matter theory, possible PhD projects 2024

Mesoscopic quantum systems and topological phenomena

Strongly correlated electron systems, topology, quantum transport and optics

Quantum many-body theory

Anderson and Many-Body Localization, Quantum non-ergodicity

Quantum Chaos, Integrable systems, Quantum open many-body systems, Exact solutions of Lindblad equation, Ergodicity breaking, Nonequilibrium dynamics, Floquet quantum circuits, Dual-unitary models, Dynamical full counting statistics, Anomalous quantum transport

Superconducting qubits in non-Markovian environment in and out of equilibrium, Nonlinear transport in quantum nanostructures, Entropy cooling for quantum annealers

High-harmonic generation in Weyl semi metals, Weyl physics in SrRuO3 and other pseudo-cubic ruthenates, High-precision calculations of transport applied to optical lattices, Quantum quenches in interacting topological insulators

Ergodicity breaking transitions, Many-body and single-particle quantum chaos, Quantum thermalization, Entanglement in many-body quantum systems

Neural and tensor network quantum modelling, Noise characterization for quantum devices, Engineering transport properties by driving